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Laura/Lee ficlets at BSG Epics

For those of you who are not members of bsg_epics, we had a multi-ship war over the weekend where people competed to write the largest number of different ships in a set time.

There were a number of Laura/Lee drabbles and ficlets posted, so I thought I'd gather them all here for you.

Debate Team by astreamofstars
Mismatch by singerdiva01_sk
Imagine (Zarek/Meier, Laura/Lee, warning for anal) by singerdiva01_sk
Not in the Words of a Love Song by deborah_judge
Miracles (Bill/Saul, Laura/Lee) by lls_mutant
Into the Woods parts one, two, three and four (Kara/Laura, Kara/Lee, Laura/Lee and Kara/Laura/Lee respectively) by lanalucy
Don't Write Us Off by newnumbertwo
Boots vs Pumps by sisterbiscuit

Enjoy :) There are a bunch of other pairings over there too, including other Laura and Lee pairings, if you are interested.


BSG Remix Sign-Ups

The comm is super quiet at the moment, but I thought I'd post this here anyhow.

bsg_remix is running again this year, and this time around, they are doing a modified Duello version, whereby you get to nominate your own fics to be remixed, so you can pick out those fics of your own that you've always wanted to see expanded or changed. They can be any pairing, not just Laura/Lee.

If any of you feel like taking part, sign-ups are open until March 15th. You can sign up here

Would be lovely to get some more L/L fans to take part!


Fic: Caprican Forum: Salute the Fleet

Title: Caprican Forum: Salute the Fleet
Rating: MA
Word Count: 1500
Disclaimer: don't own them.
Summary: An anonymous letter to the Caprican Forum regarding thanking a very brave fleet captain for saving our collective asses...
A/N: Written as part of lucywritesfic's "Caprican Forum" collection.
A/N2: Much thanks to lanalucy for the beta and encouragement. Your excitement over this helped motivate me to write it this week. *hugs*


FIC: Secrets and Revelations, Pt. I

Title: Secrets and Revelations, Pt. I
Author: The Plaid Slytherin (plaid_slytherin)
Characters/Pairings: Laura/Lee, Bill/Saul
Rating: T
Summary: Saul and Laura try to adjust back to life on Galactica.
A/N: Third in a series of fics set in this Laura/Lee babyfic universe. Thanks to newnumbertwo and astreamofstars for the brainstorming and looking-over. Follows Beginnings and Reunions.

Saul jerked awake from a nightmare he didn't remember.

Fic: Unexpected Lessons

Title: Unexpected Lessons
Rating: M
Word Count: ~3400
Pairings: Bill/Saul, Laura/Lee
Disclaimer: don't own them.
Summary: Laura discovers the merit of visiting the gym...
A/N: This is set in the Unexpected 'verse, some point between "Unexpected Friends" and "Unexpected Endings"
A/N2: Thanks to lanalucy for the beta. *hugs*


Unexpected Friends

Title: Unexpected Friends
Rating: T
Word Count: ~1100
Disclaimer: don't own them.
Pairing(s): Laura/Lee, Bill/Saul; however the focus is on Bill, Laura and Saul, Laura
A/N: Part of the "unexpected" series, which begins (for now) with this ficlet.
A/N2: for plaid_slytherin just because.